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About us
Gangfeng technology benefits the world, providing and guaranteeing
authentic products and accessories
A brand of weighing machine that consumers can rest assured of
The company is a high-tech enterprise with research, development, production and customization as its core business. Since its inception, the company has always taken the development of friction material production machinery in China as its own responsibility.

With the goal of surpassing the level of friction material production machinery in Europe, and centering on the demand for advanced research and development of friction material production machinery and equipment, we adhere to the spirit of "people-oriented", "technology first" and "tenacious and enterprising", and continue to launch more efficient, intelligent, low consumption and stable new products, which have been praised by local governments and received warm support and praise from users everywhere.
It is found that the enterprise is producing friction materials, and there are problems of inaccurate weighing and dust
Solve the problem fundamentally and become a more professional friction material weighing manufacturer in China
The series products of "automatic four-station brake pad thermoforming machine" have been successfully developed and put into the market, and have won great praise
to be continued
Research and develop more methods and machinery to help enterprises solve problems. Choosing us is choosing the future
Take the lead in opening O2O service, which can provide customized and charging installation services
Brand history
Provide and guarantee authentic products and accessories,
and steel peak technology benefits the world
Wenzhou Gangfeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
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